IT Certification job applications

Should I Get an IT Certification?

IT Certification job applicationsEver wondered what it takes to climb the ranks in IT? 

While having a degree and experience are essential factors in your career growth, numerous changes in technology have made it crucial to have an IT certification. The IT industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Changes in the business industry and consumer demands have made technology the lifeblood that determines the success of any business.

What is IT Certification?

This refers to a formal attestation that demonstrates professional competency in specific areas of technology. This requires rigorous assessment, education, and review and is often vendor-specific. By creating a niche for themselves in the IT world, IT certification opens up huge opportunities that wait to be tapped into. Like any other career, the IT world requires that you understand its rudiments and skills alignment to the desired career path. An IT certificate acts as an independent endorsement, supporting the fact that you have the required skills to perform tasks assigned to you.

Types of IT Certification

Cybersecurity certification

cyber security importanceIn the US, Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime. Last month, a major hack at  Twitter resulted in fraudulent messages being sent from a wide variety of celebrity accounts asking for Bitcoin deposits. It was an unprecedented attack on privacy, trust and security.

Interviewed on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” segment, Robert Herjavec of The Herjavec Group said the Twitter breach underscores his belief we are living in the “golden Age of Cyber Security and hackers.” The Herjavec Group — a provider cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations.

Other companies such as Facebook, Uber, and Panera Bread, have reported crimes involving breach of customer information in recent years.

In this environment, businesses are focusing on hiring professionals with cybersecurity certifications. Some of our critical programs at ComputerMinds.Com include cybersecurity administrator programs as well as a cybersecurity specialist.

Certification in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Through a Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, a student can build on their critical and analytical skills required to understand crucial changes in the marketplace. Some key considerations in this program include identification and management of market segments, inventory control, and planning.

IT Project Management

This program is designed to help students understand project methodologies and management processes. A Certification in IT Project Management enhances your communication skills with key stakeholders. A student also develops competence in planning and monitoring, enforcement of policies and procedures as well as enforcing systems.

Network Administration

This is a comprehensive course whose course outline has such topics as network design, troubleshooting network failures, configuration, and management. Students certified in network administration can pursue careers in military network operation support centers, network data centers, or the government.

Why you Need an IT Certification

  • Increased credibility

An IT Certification acts as a testament or stamp to your proficiency and skills in a particular area. It serves as an external validation that you can perform responsibilities assigned at your workplace. Where your achieved college degree is in an unrelated field with that of your career, an IT certification acts as a support of proficiency in that area. Earning one or more certifications serves as an indication of motivation and dedication to professional development.

  • Marketability

An IT Certification gives you an advantage over other candidates without certification, increasing your chances of getting a job. A certificate indicates to your employer that you are dedicated to a particular career path giving you an edge over other candidates. With stiff competition in the IT industry, a certification will be the reason that attracts the hiring managers for a second look at your resume. According to a survey carried by, all the respondents agreed that industry certifications were crucial in the hiring process.

  • Promotions and career advancement

An IT Certification provides you with the visibility required for your career advancement or promotion. Employees with IT certifications are considered as assets to the organization with their certificates being viewed as a commitment towards fulfilling company functions. As a reward, these employees have numerous opportunities for promotions or career advancement.

A study carried out by the Computerworld, indicates that 40% of successful IT professionals attributed their success to IT Certifications that proved to be most beneficial to their upward mobility. Increasing your education through IT Certifications reduces your chances of stagnation in your career.

  • Increased earning potential

While deriving satisfaction from our jobs, we would not mind a few extra dollars in the bank. An IT Certification gives you additional salary negotiating power. Employers expect professional employees to have a certification and pay significantly less for those who do not have. Moving up your IT career will require you not to schmooz up to clients but to have the necessary training to prove to your employer that you deserve a higher paying position.

Be sure to contact us at ComputerMinds.Com for further information on how you can grow your IT career or visit us at Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

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