The Women’s Center Employment Solutions

The Womens Center Employment Solutions imageThe Women’s Center Employment Solutions works to increase the financial well-being of men, women and families through stable jobs in high demand occupations and increased financial capability. All participants have access to financial coaching to help maximize the impact of each paycheck and build towards long-term sustainability. Likewise, all receive individualized coaching, soft skills training and once employed, job retention and career advancement services. Those interested and able to benefit from selected high-demand industry-specific skills training and are able to fully commit to a one to six month training period, have access to tuition supports through the Career Development Services track at The Women’s Center.

Do I qualify?

At ComputerMinds.Com we are often asked “what are the standards to qualify?” We have learned through experience the best answer is: The Women’s Center looks at each person individually and it is best to not assume your ability for qualification, but to go speak with a counselor and let the counselors determine your eligibility.

How I Apply?

To apply you first need to sign up and attend an information meeting located at The Women’s Center – 1723 Hemphill, Fort Worth 76110, the office number is 817-927-4050. To sign up go to the Employment Solutions Information Meeting page and fill in the form. For any additional guidance or questions, please call our office at (817) 858-9670 or reach out to us through our contact form.