Getting a Leg Up With Technical Certifications

As a CompTIA Learning Alliance partner, I read with great interest Matthew Stern’s article “10 Reasons a Degree Alone is No Longer Enough.” In highlighting the value of CompTIA training, he says that traditional education remains important for job seekers but that technical certifications have begun to play a more prominent role in the evolving needs of the IT job market.

We agree.

computer training degree imageEven though the we are living and working in an economy that is vastly improved from just a few years ago, competition for technology jobs remains fierce, especially here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is not a time for a job seeker to rest on his or her laurels. In fact, a few weeks ago, The Dallas Morning News reported that the new president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, warned that the great recession may be behind us but “don’t assume worst is over.”

This brings me back to Stern’s CompTIA blog. He notes that a college degree, once considered the golden ticket to the right IT opportunity, is no longer the single point of differentiation impacting hiring managers. Recruiters know that industry-specific certifications are also critical indicators of IT and business competency.

The article also speaks to CompTIA’s methodology of mapping industry (and government) needs to specific training and certification exams. Doing so creates built-in value for the trainee and to their future (or current) employer company. Meanwhile, the practicality of CompTIA certifications – through training centers like ComputerMinds.Com – allows students to gain certification while training or working in other areas.


Prabath Boteju is President and Founder of ComputerMinds.Com, Inc.

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